For those who know me, I’m Mr. Savage or Synxiec or a more normal human name, but beyond all of that, I’m also part of Project PBR. If you’re reading this post, it will mean that this website – one of a few things I’m responsible for here – has successfully launched after several months in the making.

Those who are aware of PBR come from a myriad of places, but lately it’s been streams where myself, Ninbinz, or Cakten have appeared just before something happens.

Like a donation.

Or bits.

I believe that the best thing to do when you want to get something is to give first and so I’ve spent most of 2017 doing that. The thing I hope to get from what I’m getting is a better internet, better gaming community, and a network of people that are going to push each other toward greatness in whatever form it takes now and evolves into in the future. So when you see us – individually or under the banner of PBR – know that we’re here to give to the giving and we will continue to be that.

It’s nice to meet you.