Hi! I’m back at it again with this blog thing that I do. Today I’m going to talk about a little game known as Gigantic by Motiga and I’m in love with it.

During production the game had a little trouble, the designers had to adapt to some of Microsoft’s new systems and they weren’t quite prepared for the amount of work involved in doing that.

I’ve played the game for a long time. I managed to get into one of its earliest betas after snagging a code from a streamer: TombleroneTV. My first forays into the realms of Gigantic were a mixed bag, obvious bugs and other such set backs made playing the game hard but play the game I did.

I had fun, character mechanics and the momentum driven gameplay came to me rather quickly, by no stretch was I good at the game but I understood it. There are two guardians that represent the opposing 5v5 teams, the objective being to gather power from the defeat of your enemies and collecting power from nodes placed about the map. You can summon creatures to gather power from the nodes and to protect them from your enemies. Strategic placement of creatures is key since their defeat means more power for the opposing team. Simplicity itself.

Its development and gameplay aside, I have to say that the thin ribbon of narrative that occurs throughout the game is minuscule but interesting. There are hints to backstories, the language describes the characters well enough for you to understand their personalities if not their goals. Additionally the small snippets of lore create an alluring aroma of mystery, there is more there and I want to know what it is. I want to know more about Tyto The Swift and why she only has one arm. I want to see how Mozu stole her wands and I want to know what dark reason Xenobia has to seek out dark powers.

Some might say the art style of Gigantic is cartoony, for me, that means charming. I have so many great memories of Saturday Morning Cartoons. Gigantic takes me back to the earliest iterations of Transformers, shows like the Visionaries or Dinosaucers from the 80’s. Bright and vibrant and unique, Gigantic’s art style lends its characters depth, nuance and variety.

Mechanics! Mechanics! Games like this are all about mechanics! and this game does them well. You have a few abilities at your disposal, each of them is tailored to each individual character in purpose and theme. Gigantic employs a progression tree system, as your characters level up by gaining experience points from defeating your enemies and their summoned creatures you gain access to a progression tree that has two tiers for every individual ability. I would explain to you how this works but the game is free to play, is only a trifle to download through steam, Arc or the Microsoft store.

I want you to play this game and learn it for yourself, I’m just trying to explain why I like it so much. All of the things I’ve talked about mesh together to create a deep, unique and rewarding experience. I understand that there is very little here but I’d hate for you to experience this game with my bias everywhere. Play the game use the intuitive tarot card system to foster a sense of reward and achievement and play a game or two with or against me.

Have yourselves a great day.